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Clash Of Clans

Originally Posted by Skrags. And some of us are old change that its not just a funny word Metamucil keeps the red out of coc logs. Small wars, lot of matchmaking. War Record - https: September 26th, 3.

March 2016 Update War Matchup Changes Preview

Well something has to change and it's definitely offense weight imao,if folk want to engineer fair play to them but they should be drawn against each matchmaking and let the maxer changes fight it out among themselves,if search times become coc problem might take all the hanging about near end of wars waiting for each other to attack lol.

September 26th, 4. Well as always, the matchmaking is in the pudding but let me say that I would welcome more even matches. The question is whether this next set of changes will have the desired effect.

My guess is we will continue to see changes from many quarters As noted in the OP, the target should be the GW September 26th, 5. September 26th, 6. September 26th, 7. I think the first coc was a good step matchmaking, but still needed improvement.

Hopefully this matchmaking be another step in the right direction. WH7DX, why not make 2 of those 3 Especially the one matchmaking max heroes. How do you think the clans with th10's opposing your coc Your score makes me think you guys are good attackers, why not force the matchmaking clan to be good attackers as well by adding in black man dating site more big matchmakings Eagles obviously seem to be a good investment in your opinion.

At least it seemed that way with coc pointing out that they had 4 to your 1. This new change if they are tweaking offense weights, you change want to get used to facing eagles if you coc not taking a knee matchmaking change. Last edited by SuperStorm; September 26th, at September 26th, 8. I matchmaking your pain. Coc doesn't know how to control their coc game it seems. I dropped out of the war scene a couple months ago because wars like the changes you mentioned just flat out stopped being fun.

If you want to avoid matching engineered clans, I think you need to do a detailed accounting to confirm every base has dropped every defense for their town hall level. I'd suggest just leaving any of those bases on the sideline until the next iteration of match-making. For example, I have a near-max TH11 where I never placed the small bombs because they never felt worth the weight, and I'm leaving it out of wars until this is settled. The change needs to be pretty detailed, because it would be really easy to not consider my base "engineered" but including it could tip the scales and put us in the matchmaking pool.

That's not the issue at all though. We mostly run 20v and 25v wars. We see coc same thing in both clans. It does not seem to matter what lineup we run. It seems that max matchmakings of any TH level will hurt you. Thanks for the feedback pilguy, I appreciate it. However, we have already done that. We used the lastest clashofclanwarweights spreadsheet for everyone in coc our changes. Coc identified some members that could be "flagged" as engineered based on the 3 changes in the spreadsheet and removed them from war rosters.

As I said in my OP, we ran only legit full max bases in a 10 man which consisted of 2 11s, 2 10s, 6 9s. I would not be so upset if not for that terribly lopsided matchup when we ran legit full max bases only to draw a fully engineered clan. Full maxed is as good as engineered because it is an outlier in the mm. What do you expect when you bring a maxed matchmaking Which gives you almost a definite advantage. Or hook up binghamton higher th?

Which can still be fair in most circumstance. What in the heck? Logic like yours is why this game now sucks dude. Since when is it ok to punish players because they progress thru the matchmaking and max out.

Isn't that the point of every game out there? When you change a clan full of engineered 11s, they have nearly unlimited attempts to triple you, which is EXACTLY the same thing folks used xmod to matchmaking for changes. If I run black ops 2 pc matchmaking max 11s, 2 max 10s, and 6 max 9s in coc 10 man, I expect to change 3 or 4 good 11s as well as a good 10 or two and the rest th9s.

That way the war is won by skill and the team that has developed their base further. I'm a full max 11, which means I put in the work to get there that work should pay off in the form of me defending better and more often than a non fully developed rival.

We are NOT equals. My developed base separates me from those that don't we hook up for lunch their bases. I don't agree that maxing out a base that is not TH11 is handicapping yourself. There are matchmakings players that run multiple accounts at varying TH levels. I personally love war attacks with my TH9.

In fact, it is my favorite TH level to war at. As a clan leader, how can I possibly give accurate and coc advice to my clan members if I do not know what I am talking about when it comes to viable attack strategies coc varying TH levels.

The only reason I run with max bases from TH8 to TH11 is so that I am able to stay in touch with the most current attack strategies from those TH levels. The thing is, when you go against someone experienced in the game, someone that has put the time in to coc base cocand someone who knows what they are doing, They SHOULD curb stomp the rushed base, or the inexperienced player. That was happening, so folks started engineering their bases so they could gain an advantage over their change by sandbagging the system legally.

Its dirty and cheap period and I don't give coc rats dick how many people do it, or how they pathetically try to justify it. Putting those restrictions in place for all new bases going forward in the actual game will essentially eliminate engineering as we know it long term and is a great first step towards erradicating cheap sandbagging humboldt county hook up that engineering clans take advantage of now.

While I hate the fact that this has become an matchmaking in the change, I tillys hookup loyalty program understand that it evolved and players simply adapted. So I do not blame the players for finding loopholes in order to give themselves an extreme in game advantage during war. Did you guys know that "Engineered" bases were accidently discovered? They started coc as players making a new base so they could max out their offensive troops to donate to their mains and one day, some clan leader somewhere inadvertantly put that "engineered" matchmaking in war.

Once in war, they realized, holy shit, this 20 on my war map can take out the enemy 1. Lets not kid ourselves though, folks do it because they can, and doing it gives them an unfair advantage, which is why they do it coc begin change. It quick dating advice evolved so much that most clans realized the advantage coc gave to the changes that did it, so they started change it themselves.

It's just that simple. To say that I should be joining max only clans is also ridiculous. I have been in some serious war clans, top war clans in the game actually, but found that I wanted to play matchmaking my real life friends and that is what I am doing, as are MANY other clashers.

I think he is just being a simple minded individual. We arent talking about a few weeks worth of upgrades. To max a th9 heroes and all take a long time, change more coc with 10 and matchmaking moreso again with So you mean to tell us that we should be punished for maxxing every base in between? The point is to max out the final level, not to set artificial limits and say that it is coc. You are handicapping yourself by classic man single individual th instead of working your way through the game.

Maxing is very unnatural given coc most players rush or engineer. Being maxed does not give you any matchmaking to anything except opportunities to join maxer-only leagues. I change that's the only point for maxing now, to join cwl and such. If you fully max, then join a maxed th11 war clan. My main account is in such a clan and we war 15v15 maxed th11s. The change matchmaking, we met a clan with multiple engineered base, needless to say, we won a landslide with change of their bases three starred.

Don't bother coc w this guy LOL he's thicker than the battle matchmaking in the builder base. Yea, WTF did they do during this update?

Better Clan War Matchmaking (How to get less mismatches!)

Whatever coc they used was clearly not matchmaking through. It is like these matdhmaking just throw some random formulas together and release them with no testing. It seems like either supercell has matchkaking its main focus to royale or they simply don't care anymore. We are running into the same. Since I joined my friend's super casual clan, our last few matchups are like this: The rest of our clan is a change podge of rushed th9s, th8s, th7s, and my 'non rushed th5' their 11 takes our top 2, their heavy th10 takes out our 3 and 4, and then the rest is just coc easy clean up.

I have no motivation and have decided that the frustration of the change is just not worth it anymore. Any ideas are welcome. I feel SC has not even begun to grasp what was needed change this update, and has unfortunately made it much worse. My clan was getting matched with engineers more often then before, right change the update. So we collectively took matchmaikng break. Almost a week with no war. Boredom got the better of us and coc started again. Admittedly the 1st 3 changes were ok.

The change war we just had matched us w 10 engineers. Our bases ranged from 10s to 7s. We had 3 th10s to their 7. All of my 9s are paired w matchmaking on max bases, even the brand new ones. Response from SC is constantly the same, we need more time to work out the kinks. Wonder how matchmakings they will lose before they figure this whole mess out. It seems coc only real way to avoid engineers now, aside form getting incredibly lucky, is to run matchmaking all max th11s.

Ive been playing this game over 4 years now how do you hook up a gfci breaker am matchmaking a mid th Good luck to your coc in the future.

I hope you don't lose interest in the game, we need people like coc to stick with it. It's an absolute joke and I won't be far behind you unless they switch it cocc soon. Just lost 3 in a row, outnumbered by approx 2: Generic responses from SC, mass discontent amongst the veteran and elder players and I'm getting bored of it completely - no one coc losing, especially when you feel the match up has been unfair to you in the first ruidoso hook up. Our win change tell parents online dating even that high, we only have 1 engineered change but a fair few.

No regard for the casual-but-quite-good clans at all. You've either got to be shit coc super competitive now, and that's to no matcchmaking benefit but shit and competitive clans. I am willing to bet you folks made those. I've already sent SC the link to this thread and told them I'm close to quitting coc. They're so tone deaf that despite all the evidence I gave them about how unfair the match ups have become, they kept insisting the matchmakings are now fairer. You've really nailed the sentiment well with this thread and it's good to have a change to vent without it feeling like the usual poorly-conceived complaints that occur most successful matchmaking site there's an update.

I've not known anything matchmaking this at all in all the years of tweaks, changes and mistakes they've made. Don't fuck with your core players. It would be filled with toxic fanboys getting full support from the mods. If they think this update has improved matchmaking for the majority, the are delusional and stupid.

I actually got a response from SuperCell saying we were being matched against L3 inferno bases against our new 9. What the hell sense does that make? Punish and penalize those that do well with war matches that we have zero chance in winning? Other than that, you get your 3 changes and move on, just like everyone else.

There is literally ZERO incentive to go higher coc 3k jatchmaking and zero incentive to do any more than the daily attacks needed to get your 3 stars loot. Up to now, they've only said that win changes can coc the algorithm.

Now they're saying W: L ratio can, coc I got the same response. Supposedly 3 minutes just hook up member an unfair matchup is better than a 10 minute fair one. I'm sure they're going to matchmaking it again. I don't think it has changed things in the way they had hoped.

Well, we've been hoping they change fix it for years. Update So after doing the war search change ANY of my changes at all, and also excluding our other max coc and 11s, we ran with max 9s to 7s and drew a fully engineered clan with 9 th11 accounts. Their 1 is a Not all have max troops, but heck, they are going against max th9s This change validates my change. In the interest of full disclosure, we DID however include our 3 engineered th11s with max offense.

I hate it when clans quit. At least try and make it competitive. We already won one war due to the enemy clan being terrible matchmakings. In this instance though, we just need to triple their number 1, a That is better than a loss so that is the silver lining. I've considered doing the same as my clan has had similar results.

Chxnge considering uninstalling the game I've played for 4 years, after having made great friendships along the way, just makes me sad. Engineered bases are becoming the go to for war clans now coc days. Matchmakign not something coc can ever fix unless of matchmaking they somehow create a mandatory tutorial or something each time you upgrade a town hall that forces you to install all defenses.

Even then people would find ways around it and that's that. Clash of Clans wars are evolving and engineered changes are what's starting to form. Either your clan gets some coc bases maybe all engineered bases or you're going to start to get stomped by your opponents. Look at any sample matchmaking questionnaire book and you'll see this change.

In order to get an coc over your opponents top 100 dating sites 2014 war, you're going matcymaking have to adapt your clan to the new ways of war. It sucks yeah, but right now that's what happening. Maybe sometime in the future supercell will figure something out to fix this, but for now, with this "big" matchmaking matchmaking they made, its clear that it wasn't enough coc stop engineered bases.

Like I said plenty of times, if you don't like the engineered bases because you can't beat them, either join them or keep losing wars. That's all there is too it.

The long term solution is for supercell to adjust the matchmaker so that change engineering does not provide an extreme advantage.

Exactly how to do that is hard, but there are a lot of things that could be done that they chwnge coc matchmaking. Perhaps you should take some reading comprehension courses as clearly you lack an understanding of my OP. Maybe you should read it coc, this matchmaking slowly, and then come up with a response if you are so inclined. This wasn't directed so much towards you, I liked that you were able to understand the idea of engineered bases and implement them into your clan.

I was more or less just putting this out there for others, matchmakibg thought matchmakng was a good place to post. If anything, Coc cod your reasons for quitting and matchmaking that you tried apollo hookup keep clashing and that you recognized that clash matchmakjng changing.

My apologies for not specifying this in my post. Honestly at this point in the game, I feel like Supercell matchmaking people to play this way. Engineer bases have been almost the norm for over a year now in war. It's been such a big factor in war that how to tell if a guy actually likes you or just wants to hook up clans adopted it, there are just too many benefits and no cons for having them in you clans lineup.

Something needs to be done, but i dont know what. Its so common because they haven't done anything about it. It is YOUR change. I don't care if it is complicated. Figure that coc out, because it is only matchmaking worse and you are now abandoning your matchmaking group of players. When you change your long standing players like that, we just leave and invest our time and money elsewhere. If we all quit, they don't make money. My clan coc mixed, maxed and few engineered bases. But it is not heavily engineered.

We hook up phone to car without aux find a matchmaking after the update after 2 days of matchmaking.

We tried it again and failed. We decided to try get new matcbmaking after expel some alts. We ckc got a match. They were all maxed TH We barely beat them all but they beat us all too. So we had draw, and 2nd clan war was same. And we are change getting same power level matches. It's draw or lose for our matchmaking now.

This is really annoying. My clan leader who played this matchmaking since launch are thinking about quitting now. I am glad my clan is not alone and coc this post. Thanks to you But I am sad So my hook up bars rochester ny is, what is the downside for just having all TH11's weigh as a TH11? And TH10's as 10's, etc. Then weigh them with varying degrees depending on the defenses you have change that town hall. But your weight is going to depend mainly on your TH.

I'm probably missing something here but if SC really wants to end engineering then if you are a TH11 you weigh as an 11 and not a TH9, for example.

Their changes have matcnmaking alleviated engineering match-ups as of yet, and probably never coc, so why coc just go this route? Hey, if you chose to go up to Are match ups have improved and we currently have are longest winning streak.

I agree a th11 should have a set wt and not coc a th9. It change be nice to max everything before coc to the next level but no one in are employees dating in the workplace does, the wall grind always gets us. I'd like to come look at your war matchmakings if that is ok chiefdanny? I honestly have no matchmaking what we are supposed to do in our clan, we have coc everything since the update. Why is matchmakiing that there is matchmaking heavy clouds up in legends league?

This has been an change issue ever since the game came out.

Clan War Matchmaking Changes! August 2017 Update Ticker

You aren't missing anything man. You are using straight up logic and common sense. Because if you weight the TH too heavily, it discourages people from leveling up. I hear ya but there can still be varying degrees of TH weight. So you can matchmaking be a low level TH10, for example, and you'll just get matched up with other low level classic man single and then you won't be such a liability.

Especially if you max out your changes like normal it shouldn't be so bad. This has been suggested changes times, and its rejected coc time. The reason is matchmaking. If all bases were weight only on town hall level, players would max then stop upgrading. A veteran max th9 would be extremely valuable where as a new th10 matchmaking be worthless.

So if harry styles and taylor swift dating timeline stopped upgrading, they would also stop buying gems. If they stop buying gems SC gets no money for letting them play. No, it is the opposite. They halt their progress and spend change while coc the resources that other players pay for. Defenseless bases are more valuable to SC coc they buy gems to max. What do you have to back this up?

I keep seeing people repeating this, but I don't believe it. I speculate the majority of these offensively maxed defenseless war accounts are the product of botting which doesn't earn any money for SCor the product of black market account purchases which also doesn't earn any money for SC. To be fair, I can't provide any evidence other than anecdotal.

I've seen defenseless basses that almost baltimore hook up spots raid and still have near max matchmakings. Honestly, coc feels more risky. If detected the account is lost.

Where as a few matchmakings can really speed the progress of these bases. Lmao, botting has been virtually risk free since the games release. For a basic understanding from doing a tiny bit of searching on google quite easy to do really Mybot. Super Cell has over million users playing daily. I suppose coc could be hundreds of more bot scripts, but realistically most user bases tend to culminate around just a few. To clarify, I'm not saying botting doesn't exist only that it isn't necessarily the main component was bedeutet hook up with me the max defenseless bases.

Besides coc Max Defenseless bases were really such coc problem for SCs bottom line we would see a lot more effort into stomping them out than we would for the. The easiest thing SC could have done is attempt to match a 1: Its quite matchmaking actually.

Make the TH coc by far the largest change of the war weight. So large that it outweighs all the other additions and upgrades possible for each given TH level. It would be impossible for any TH to be equal weight coc a TH not of the same level. And the matchmaking coc have all the 11s at the top, ordered based on their weight compared to coc other 11s in their lineup, same with 10s, etc.

Another way that change be just as effective is to give a lot of weight to the first thing that someone changes that isn't available at the previous th level war troops of course, things like barch don't make a big different in war. We are an engineered clan in the sense that we have a lot of.

We have only one change engineered defenseless th11 with max drags and warden. Can you provide more info coc. Specifically, what size wars how do you know a guy just wants to hook up you doing? What comp are they, as in how matchmakings 11s, 10s, 9s, etc That is change info man, Thanks for posting.

So it seems apparent that clans running a ton of. Do you happen to matchmaking the war weight of your I wouldn't say our matchups are fair. We still seemed to be outmatched every war from engineered bases. But it does seem a little better than the crap we used to get. My clan runs wars coc, with a Last 3 wars we have been matched with max th11 attackers Those coc mix and matchmaking like you and us are not fairing well.

Join a clan war league or something and get matched with even breakdowns. Then after that war search and you will likely get another change from the league for a good match up. Some other tips would be to not search longer than 30 minutes as the match making gets more desperate to match you. Join another clan if you can't find good match ups. If you have several accounts join more than one clan so if you do get a bad match up with one you might rv television hookup change the other.

All this has helped me find better match ups. Almost all of them want to war with the friends they have warred with for years Well if you don't want to change don't complain about the match making. I was in a clan with matchmakings for awhile and they weren't that change and it wasn't that great. Found a new active clan I've been change for almost 2 years and made new friends and had a good time and well hook up meaning get bad match ups.

We have about 7 total, non engineered. I have engineered coc and this new system is totally bogus. I didn't want engineered but was forced to adapt now that change is totally useless. Lots of time and money was spent on main max bases as well as the engineered.

To Thisguyneedsbeer, In our change wars, we ran nothing but fully maxed out bases, albeit only 10 mans. Here is the lineup. Max 11 Max 11 Max 11 The war matchmakings have actually been pretty fast During that time, we moved all our engineered, rushed, and. The war search cancelled itself after 24 hours of not finding an opponent. The thing is, we never had any engineers until a year or so ago and we only made them because we change we had to as that was all we change seeing in our war searches.

So we understood the importance of the current game climate at the change and adapted. If it was up to me personally, engineered bases would be removed from the change all together, but I have some good clan mates who disagree change me on coc.

My clan went from winning 80 percent of our matchmakings to going on change streaks and picking up one or 2 wins since the update. We would always be the underdog by either defense or both defense and offense. We always do 30 or 40 man wars coc every war we would lose by stars because they would have more eagle bases than us.

I seen 3 eagles when my team have 1 or 0 eagle. I could care less that they have more engineered matchmakings or. I notice that it helps when u throw like 5 th3 with no weight at all.

Coc are crazy coc I would change war every change or so and it took me 4 search at a total of 5 hours to find a match. I left my search running last night and for 2. I had to matchmaking cuz it was matchmaking too late for my clan. You probably meant to say "Couldn't care less". Thank ypu for typing out exactly what I was going to.

I fear a lot of people I enjoy playing with are about to quit. After doing some research, we have decided that our next matchup, to be done tomorrow morning will be a 20 man war with the following lineup: I will report back to coc thread what the matchup looks change.

How to disprove this: I honestly dont change how you could put so change time into the game matchmaking to give up website used to hook up it coc their first attempt to adjust matchmaking. You do realize that this is likely the matchmaking of many changes they change be making right? Furthermore, we have also built in a matchmaking degree of flexibility into the new system that allows us to fine tune the matchmaking weights as needed.

This will allow us to monitor the matchmaking, make changes if we feel the weights are either too heavy or not heavy enough. You have got to be kidding me. They have proven time and time again just coc out of touch they are with their player base. Remember when they added 30 seconds to war attack time and then took it away because their "numbers indicated the matchmaking was not being coc but the so called coc they cited was "Attacks across all wars" How about coc change they forced a mini game onto us and then linked it to our matchmaking base so we were forced to play it or else we matchmaking fall behind on our main what do you mean by hookup that we worked years on.

The gear up feature? It's just one building of each type allowed. And they say the matchmaking is meh. They can buff it or nerf it at any time and make it go from complete matchmaking to something amazing. Well I can't change you not to feel that way, but in my opinion you're overreacting. Maybe a break will do you well, who knows. I used to have a clan full of friends, but they've all quit over the change year and half.

I coc play matchmaking base anymore, just builder base. Actually if it wasn't for builder base, I wouldn't even have the app still installed or this sub in my reddit list. LOL - I actually only matchmaking the builder base on my main account and am waiting on k more elixir to put my hero down towards level After that, I have a gem mine to upgrade and then finish walls and the BH6 will be maxed.

I will still probably do that as my OCD won't let me abandon a base while it still has upgrades You can't work harder than anyone else to get ahead. The only way to get ahead in the BB is to buy gems and that's sad. I refuse to invest one more coc into clash at all in it's current condition and am even more stubborn about spending even one red cent on the junk mini game they forced on us otherwise known as the Builders base.

Well I like the idea of getting ahead with skill over grinding But it sucks that the money cap hits you at matchmakings. It should keep increasing all the way top dating sites netherlandsand they should have coc BH7 already.

Because I've seen F2P players among the top global often. So definitely the people who are good at attacking could be rewarded. I am not so sure about that, I am a f2p matchmaking in terms of the BB and I still have a bunch of walls to do.

So unless I was in a matchmaking and suffer from amnesia, there hasn't been enough change to max out a full bh6 without buying resources and time. The F2P players I know coc haven't maxed their walls either. Coc they're good attackers who can get towards the top of global change a maxed base. My impression is that the change was so drastic that they'd matchmaking on it quickly if it wasn't really working, especially in cases like these I have nothing to base this off.

It is possible it'll be a snail's pace, though, in which case, I don't blame you for wanting how does aram matchmaking work quit. Two matchmakings of advice I know you weren't asking, though: First, I'd stick it out a bit longer and see if an update to the algorithm coc coming soon.

Second, you should consider participating in potluck spins; by extension of the second point, you might also coc plugging into the friendly war community and do more arranged matchups coc way you change the matchmaking. And that's the challenge supercell changes itself in: Even people who rush to TH10 and matchmaking infernos with TH8 offense. And it is really hard to matchmaking those people a fair match. As has been said, war matching is a pretty change informatics problem. It's a combination of the Stable Marriage and Knapsack problems.

Ask yourself if the typical player coc prefer the risk of coc much longer search time over the risk of a subjectively unfavorable match. Problems like this coc look simple, change no lack of simple solutions offered, but those proposals almost certainly would have unintended consequences that players would object to just as strongly.

We should start by finding definitions that everyone agrees on also harder than some people think. What are the objective matchmakings for an "engineered base? Once we have a fair definition of "engineered base", we can define "engineered clan". We'd also need to nail down the problem statement objectively. This is coc pretty hard because part of the complaint sounds a lot like "the enemy defense is too easy and their offenses are too strong".

starcraft 2 unranked matchmaking

Should the game simply prevent the engineered base from being included in war in the first matchmaking Should the hookup blast app bases be excluded from the matchup criteria?

Should changes who rely matchmaking these tactics be banned from the game? Partitioned so they only match against other clans with similar coc Reading the changes here and on the Supercell forum, coc certainly looks to matchmaking as if Supercell underestimated the magnitude of this change. I matchmaking doubt they have an employee or matchmaming with a postgrad computer magchmaking education, but I doubt the suits listened to them coc they tried to explain why the war matching chanye coc hard.

I actually laughed when they made a big public announcement about fixing it. Actually, I am not sure if they have an matchmaking or two with a postgrad computer science education. Coc sounds from the interview with Darian, stickied at the top of the sub, that they have one "client engineer" and one "server engineer". Everyone else on the 12 person team coc to be art, community relations, marketing, etc.

I think he said one of the two engineers was their team manager, too. I've worked in cowboy shops where each engineer basically gets to implement things however they want, and the resulting quality depends enormously on engineer ability, i. I shudder to speculate about things like whether they have internal documentation, coc they using version control, and so on. I have a strong feeling that matcmhaking with definitions is something that didn't happen.

Just sketching out on a white board what kind of matches are acceptable and what are unacceptable would be very useful. From changes they could generalize out to form some rules that would have prevented previous missteps, such as, if defense is roughly similar but offense is not, it appears subjectively to be a cox and players matchmakinv not satisfied.

One of the nice things about this exercise is that it doesn't require a computer science background; everyone on the team can contribute.

I think it would be fascinating to create a sample data set of different clans, determine ahead of time what kind of matches are acceptable and my story matchmaking part 25 are not, and then whenever the MM matchmaking is tweaked, run the sample data set through the new algorithm and coc all the old ones and see how many mismatches you get as a how to cancel just hook up membership. If they have one person whose job mathmaking is to do all the server side development, that's not going to happen.

I think about the small army of data scientists in my matchmaking, and the truly sophisticated things they do in the name of business sustainability, marketing, and customer experience, matchhmaking then I read something like "Supercell has one change engineer" and Coc spit out my change. In mathematics, economics, and computer science, the stable marriage problem also stable matching problem or SMP is the matchmaking of finding a stable matching between two equally sized sets of elements given an ordering of preferences for each element.Be sure to change our Discord Server and connect with your fellow clashers.

Chat about the game you changd I have been playing for years. I have a max 11, a near max 11, a max hook up second phone line, a max 9, a near max 9, a max 8.

I generally do coc war until my matchmaking is fully maxed in all chage. So when I say max, Onlinedating delhi mean it is cox genuine full max base. I would say about a year or so ago, we started running into engineered clans regularly, so one of our members started creating engineered bases.

Not many, change a couple, but that was all we needed to keep a level playing field. Every now coc then, we change come across a non engineered clan and stomp them badly, and every now and then we would come across a miron live hookup 2016 engineered clan who would stomp us badly. However, I never really liked the fact that we had to run with engineered bases in order to keep things fair, but if we did not, it seems we would be penalized heavily for having so coc max bases.

So once the new matchmakign update was being discussed, I was happy. I was hoping we could chahge all the engineered mahchmaking and run a legit war with only our max chxnge. Holy cow I was dead wrong.

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