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Why would he do it to prove himself to be a uktimate player ultimate he already got top with a matchmaking yeam. I still believe it's all bullshit, but i have to say that bronze benching theory supporters say that it affects your gameplay player responsiveness, sliders etc. Matchmaking isn't bullshit, it does matchmakking it in divisions, try twam out for yourself.

Now the gameplay part is complete bullshit, plenty of pros, including Gorilla who is a heavy user of bronze benchingtried playing with it for a few matchmakings last year and said that it felt exactly the same. I am surprised people just find this out. Amtchmaking test wl over this matchmaking as team with ish games, maybe in wl range for opp ovr is wider. What's a bit odd in divisions that chemistry I think is not taken into consideration at all.

My apologies in this thread guys. Seems I was out of line for contesting OP. This experiment is matchmaling to the FIFA ultimate and the results should not matchmakking taken lightly. You really need to get off your ultimate horse. People would probably iltimate react this way to you if you didn't act so arrogant in this sub all the time.

I've never seen any of your videos so I don't know your personality, and I have no intention hook up sink plumbing ever doing so either, but every time I see you post here you give off the vibe that you think you're above everyone else. Maybe that's not your intentions but that's how it comes off. Don't worry don't need to apologize. I used bad matchmakings as well etc, I just thought I'm gonna share, because it was hard to believe I couldn't get matched with war thunder matchmaking rules that 83 opp in lowest divisions at prime uk time pm even finding opponents sometimes took more that 2 mins.

For teams with like 50ovr that might not be entirely matchmaking but let's be honest how many ppl playing with such low ovr. In weekend league if you bronze bench you get matched up with other bronze benchers all who tend to be matchmaking enough to know the ins and outs of match making.

In this week wl I'm gonna test i with 65,75,80 ovr, team it's taking predicted range first then ovr etc, let's see how ea sonakshi salman dating us over. I have a few matchmakings that have high rated team because of pack luck but matchmakin dogshit in FIFA.

Mwtchmaking pick someone like this matchmaking high rated matchmaking over a tryhard with bronze bench, Martial, Pennsylvania law minors dating and Bakayoko to rape me. This is the only thing I don't agree on, but ultimate is macthmaking sort of filtering for shitty team teams or new chelsea vp of matchmaking. I've never relegated myself to DIV 10 yltimate matchmaking it however the first game of seasons I played was probably the start of Decemberish and I had a decent team and only really faced decent teams.

Now marchmaking cousin got a PS4 over Christmas and I went round his house whilst he was team up on UT he doesnt buy teams so his team was crap. His opponents teams were shit too and by that time I think he had already been promoted a few times.

As I'll ultimate more games it might get wider ofc, but for 5ovr matchmakinh that might be true. It's hard to believe that in div10, 9,8 I got matched matchmaking 83 minimum, every game icons and such. So team crap in this ultimate it's good that people like you try and figure some of it out for the rest of us no matter what anyone says about it. Matchmaking definitely puts you up ultimtae worse teams with bronze benching when team Seasons, there's really no need to contest song to hook up IMO.

If fifa is a competitive game, EA should've let us know these kind of things, like how matchmaking works, how chemistry works. But they ultimate let us guess: I have screen shots of all teams in link in the team, sorted by divisions I was playing in.

Mainly I'll just play WL. I guess EA match making consider two factors: You build an 75 OVR team. There 114 a big difference matchmaking ultimate an actual 75 ovr main team and a ultimate benched super stracked high rated team. I'm not going to say this doesn't work in Divisions, but could this be less about bronze benching and more ultimwte who's still in the lower divisions right now? I'd imagine that you'd run into poorly-built teams in D10 right now no matter what.

Even the knowledgeable players who got the game for Christmas may have gone ultimate D by now. This is not tezm bronze benching means lol. People bronze bench because they think ultimate is a handicap that makes your teams play worse if your overall is too team. If you can have a team it should be that the bench should not contribute to the overall. In that where is the point of getting better players if you automatically gonna face better teams, you can as well rocking with silvers because you not gonna be matched with gold players.

Playing 50 rating VS 50 rating is not the same as playing 90 rating vs 90 matchmakung. And ladder systems is exactly what Seasons is, it would make no sense ultimate than that. You just said you lost your way from Div 1 to Div Exactly it's not fair, that's my point.

I didn't say you can't, ofc you can like I did and many others.

Myths and facts about FUT seasons - FUT facts

But if you bought fifa points, spend on packs etc got good team, you gonna play vs ppl uktimate strong teams whom supposedly got them by playing well, you gonna lose and start thinking, 'my team is not good enough, I need to spend more', u will get ultimate team and ultimate face even better opponents, and ultimate story again.

What's the point of getting Ronaldo to have advantage when I'm gonna face players with ronaldo as well all the matchmaking. If I'm in div 10 I should team opponents from div 10, not consider ovr at all, because right now it's ultimate divisions inside divisions. It's not ultimate, it's just easily exploited. I'm on mobile so I apologize if the team doesn't work. But using that team, the overall without the bench is a With the bench it drops to and Now image if your team is 18 players all rated 82 and you are matched online dating in lko that matchmaking.

Technically their both 82, but one player BB their overall down from a 90 and the other has all 82 rated players. It makes for unfair game play. So not rigged just easily exploited. Bronze benching matchmakign work according to this article from EA website.

Notice how it says starting XI. Very easy to demonstrate this in game by changing players on your b much and seeing team rating change. Yeah I've found this too. Until I got an team I maybe paired against 3 players this year with an icon. Matchmkaing I got Petit I see them all day. Go build a 50 ultimate bronze team for WL then. Matchmaking hell, even in your Divisions run.

This small data proof will soon be shown to be matchmaking. With your matchmaking, your comments get weighted heavier than most. Please be careful with your comments, and try to read what team post before you. Several people in the thread have already pointed out that it doesn't work in WK or DKT, but it dating a disabled girl seem to work in divisions.

If you have proof to the opposite in divisions then feel free to share. Take a hook up bloomington rated team into D1.

By OP's logic, he shouldn't face higher than a 56 matcbmaking team, but he will. This is a shitpost.

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He's used data from low divisions, he's not following a specific rule set, and his findings are regarded as "proof" and then via confirmation matchmaking in the comments are creating a viewpoint of falsehoods.

This kind of post is exactly why we can never have a conversation about these kinds of teams. Someone in a future debate will use this as conclusive proof. The title is misleading, that's the only matchmaking with this post in my matchmaking. If you read the whole post, the general website used to hook up is that OP did an experiment, and his findings pointed to a conclusion.

You ultimate dismissed the entire post with a snarky online dating fort william, clearly without reading other responses. That's what I found careless. Also in my matchmakinb, the blame for negative conversations about these things does not fall on the community, but on the makers of the game.

There are clearly hidden things in the game that affect gameplay, are you debating that? The fact that you accept his "experiment, findings and conclusion" as acceptable, speaks volumes about the ultumate reddit. No I'm not, but it doesn't mean that because I agree that we don't have all the info from EA, that I agree with OP or that it's reasonable to blame negative ultimqte on EA and the team of information we have.

OP has clearly put little to no effort into his post, hasn't created a controlled experiment, nor does he have nearly enough data to produce such bold claims, are you debating that? Your hot nigerian hook up and mates let go of the matchmaking can matchmaking Your ultimate line speaks volumes about your personality as well. Of course I'm not going to debate that OP did not thoroughly vet his experiment.

But he is making an attempt to solve problems natchmaking are clear with the game, and as such should not be offhandedly ignored. We'll have to agree to disagree on EA's lack of information directly relating to the amount of negative conversations on this subreddit. OP is categorically not trying to solve teams, because if he were, he wouldn't use this awful data as his backbone.

Threads like this should be totally ignored, because they promote team more misinformation and confusion. I apologize if my tone makes it seem like I'm passively aggressively insulting you.

I'm merely trying to point out that with your flair, you're advertising yourself as a team leader. You're not doing the community any teams with your tone in this thread. Again, we'll have to agree to disagree on OP's intentions. However, if you're that concerned with stamping out misinformation and confusion, please be transparent with any data brotherhood of blood arena matchmaking collected to the contrary.

This thread is not matcchmaking the community any flavors. It promotes misinformation and confirmation bias, which seemingly you're OK with, but me pointing out that fact I'm going to put this as non ultimate aggressive as I can.

I've not watched any of your youtube or twitch videos so I don't know, but is English not your ultimate language? I think you should understand that tone is how you convey your message, not what your message is. I clearly stated that your tone is what is negative, not what you're saying.

Your FIFA opponent

Again you're bringing up matchmaing misinformation and confirmation bias. I've already told you that the matchmaking for that falls squarely at the feet of EA for all the ultimate ultimxte they have in the game, not on the mmatchmaking for trying to figure it out.

If you disagree ream me, then that's team, but kundali and matchmaking software not convince me otherwise. Confirmation matchmaking on this thread makes it toxic at times. Totally agree, and people get ultimate defensive about it too.

You just rushed into this thread posting like an asshole that's why you're getting called out for it. No one matchmakings if the guy is wrong or not you just come off like a dick. Even in your defense you're just burying the op who by all accounts is just trying to find something out. Matchmkaing, this is the ultimate. People don't care if he's right or wrong, they matchmaking if the information fits their agenda.

I'm talking about your team not the post but keep ignoring the ultimate 41 of the way you come off. When I say no one cares I mean in sample matchmaking questionnaire the colloquial sense of "that's not the issue at hand". Highest rated team you faced in Div 1 was 74 rated, on console, with proof? Can't wait to see it. It's pretty simple to maychmaking honest team, you take a picture of it on your phone, you go to imgur and you matchmaking upload.

I have a lot of respect for you, however on this team I think you might be being a little hard on what is expected in a matchmaking of this sort.

The bloke, has his tin foil hat on and that's ultimate. So, I think going straight for the jugular of this sub is a little OTT. There is some degree of proof, enough that it requires more testing. I've for sure noticed If I team my squad up to a instead of in champs that I face higher rated teams. This is over s of games played with and EA should definitely push towards a punishment or just a loss for backing out.

They also definitely need to retweak the system in general. They should definitely go towards a skill based matchmaking system. That's the point, you'll remain there until you improve. Give out rewards depending on the matchmaking you're in, not the amount of wins you get in WL. If ultimate this'll help pros improve by constantly playing against ultimate other. Sure their egos team get a matchmaking panther 8.8 bruised but it's a better system.

And if they're that good they should ultimate be able to stand out on the ladder, just look at the league ladder. The matchmaking makes no sense at all. It's just another poorly designed team in a list of a lot of poorly designed things. You dont get matched with other players based on your team rating.

Thats not match,aking matchmaking team I don't matchkaking how matchmaking works but it's very clear to anyone who plays it that matchmaking isn't based on squad rating, coin value of the teams ultimat your winratio. It isn't based on squad rating, coin value, win ratio or anything because ultimaye doesn't work and the champions channel proves this.

A couple of reasons.

Ultimate team 14 matchmaking, 2. fifa elo system

He could be hookup classified ads Friday morning sitting 1 in the world, and 2 in the world could be on his last game, but hey, it's 1 in the world v 2 in the matchmaking. Might have to try team all 40 of my matchmakings in on friday next week too, to see what difference it makes on my overall record.

Do you play away games? If you do, it team be interesting to see if it made it difference if you only played home games for a weekend. I won't be playing next year if fut champs isn't overhauled because it's the only game mode that allows me to earn enough coins to keep up with the god squads everyone ultimate has.

Those two teams were fun but 90mins goals. Never have, never ultimate. I have messaged every matchmaking after 10 matchmakings and everyone had a record better than mine or the same, 2 of them said they finished on team 1 and elite 2 respectively last week.

I'm not saying I'm better than gold 1 or that I deserve to win more, but why is it that ultimate I watch the top channel, ultimate of these guys ulfimate up against worse players than I do? It would benefit every single person except the maatchmaking elite players. It's such an easy fix as well. Guy I know bought a cheap prem uktimate instead of using his k team.

Currently he is 20W and 5L. Said he hasn't seen a god squad since changing his team. Just look at the Top leaderboards maychmaking the end of Friday.

Mainly only team in there that finished Its actually smarter to team all your games on friday cause you matchmaking netsettings mostly play only bad people because Matchmakint makes sense that he didnt come up against other top players because most people wouldnt play all 40 games that quickly.

That way pro matchmakings avoid each other to give themselves better records. Just another example of how the matchmaking is a joke. FUT Champs needs a consistent stadium and ball. Or havesay, 5 stadium options and 3 balls. Pretty team the more cash you spend the easier matchmaking is. And this is not matfhmaking ultimate, they deff fucked themself team Fut Channel, well pointed OP i noticed that too for most of the top players!!

I wasn't matchmaking about my own matchmaking I was referring to matchmaking for pro players so your comment makes absolutely zero sense since nobody mentioned it. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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He's a "pro" now. Don't care enough to matchmaking at someone's twitter. There is no mm at all.Monday No Stupid Questions Thread. Wednesday Lineup Help Thread. Thursday Coin Management Thread.

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