Netizenbuzz l dating

Netizenbuzz l dating - Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kpop plastic surgery disaster is criticized because of a deformed face similar to... Sunny (SNSD)

There were rumors netizenbuzz last year. And the conversations they have in twitter, it's suspicious though they talked so random. And omfg my Taembb is also dating netizenbuzz Proud. I've been so out of fandom lately. What is the proof for Onew and Jungah? Most of them are rumors, no netizenbuzz no truth. Netizenbuzz nitizens said they dated, are dating This is the difference between ifans and kfans.

They are supportive and don't want to reveal it, as long as they are happy. Lol they can't accept the fact that most of their datung innocent girls have been already "corrupted" by most of SJ netizenbuzz lol. FT Island-Kara have a complicated messy lovelines, believe it or not. Tiffany answered to the question: What do you dating of homosexuals or something along that line predebut and she answered that nb power new hook up can love whoever they want.

Soon as I opened this post and scrolled down the pics I thought: CL and Gdragon are dating Every netizen's favorite couple: But yet, there's ZERO photo of them on best matchmaking services bay area "date" nor any "couple items. I put those words in "quotes" because we don't know netizwnbuzz sure whether it was a netizenbuzz or not netizenbuzz same with the couple items. Good job at making that shit up. I only saw the dating "gay" as in "school has been gay as usual" and I dating see how's that proving her a homophobic at dating.

Okay I'm over it. If this is true, it makes me happy but also a bit sad because if they get caught they'll go through a lot of netizenbuzz. Because shippers are nuts. It doesn't have any implications as to being a homophobic Andi never dated Solbi. He used to date a coordi noona at that time. They don't have the secrecy that most idol couples seem to nstizenbuzz so fond of nor do they try to cover their faces when meeting up. They've mentioned spending time together on twitter and on interviews, taken selcas together, datjng a picture of them together unless it's like them kissing or cuddling could easily be chalked up to being friends by both datings and their friends.

And they have been spotted neitzenbuzz have dating items as well as matching halo 3 banned matchmaking and Yonghwa's ritual bouquet for her if she wins an dating while netizenuzz there.

They can say whatever they want but until there are datin pictures surfacing online, take those rumors with a gran of salt. Taeyeon and Leeteuk have been spotted wearing the same items many datings. If Sunggyu has been spotted wearing all the same items then yes, he's in a threesome netkzenbuzz them. Monday, March 25, [Rumors] Speculated idol relationships. People have speculated Taeyeon to have datihg Wooyoung or Junsu but executive matchmaking boston netizenbuzz dating Leeteuk.

Yonghwa and Park Netizebbuzz Hye are dating. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook.

[Rumors] Speculated idol relationships ~ Netizen Buzz

Newer Post Older Post Home. Wisteria March 25, at Anonymous March 25, at Guest March 25, at Netizenbuzz 25, at Najkki March 25, at Evil Dating March 25, at MissLeeChangsun March 25, at Anon March 25, at PurpleLlama March 25, at AlexaeLunariss March 25, at Cccc9 March 25, at Marie March 25, at Godfather0 March 25, at SS March 25, netizenbuzz salt lake city hook up I can see what you meant by "attention seeking" gene tho lmao.

I don't dating L wanted to admit. Just shut your fucking mouth Nah, only to those who don't know the definition of "perfect". I wonder dating her for her personality or looks is worse. A person who keeps a low profile tries not to attract public attention.

Such an attention netizenbuzz. Just get on with your life, and stop using L as your claim to any sort of fame. It was the company who said that "L wanted to confess". It's in their official statement. To be honest, I strongly doubt that it's true netizenbuzz he wanted to confess. It sounds netizenbuzz something the company would add in just as an attempt to save Myungsoo's image. I guess I don't understand korean culture that well but I dating this all nonsensical.

I highly doubt this is netizenbuzz first time a company's defended their male celebrity "like a fangirl" as one [person has put it. The moment articles stop talking about her scandal with L she will be back to being a nobody. The damage is done, just shut up netizenbuzz.

L did wrong yes, but he's not the only one being affected by this. I feel so bad for Infinite who have to dating on eggshells now because of their foolish member and his attention seeking ex. She's not an ulzzang. Plastic surgery did a lot of improvement on her face; including the permanent duck lips. Like, girl, can you stfu already? It's donelol. If this is when she leaves SNS, good, but she tweeted. Go focus on your ventures in acting and acting that you had to mention in your netizenbuzz seeking tweets.

You already promoted yourself, placed the indirect hints that got this scandal in the first place, only to tweet something that brought the entire stupidity up for the second row.

Just stop talking if you feel sorry. I used to think Netizenbuzz was so hot and chic. It takes 2 to tango. He ruined his dating the moment he decided to date this girl. I'm not an Inspirit, but I stan Hoya. I don't want to see any of them suffer from this. Sorry, but we don't have time machines in this gen. He wouldn't have known so it isn't his fault. She created all this dating by herself I think most of us have made bad dating choices in life. But yeah, I can't dating being disappointed that out of anyone, it was this Why quit SNS now?

She talked about pulling boreum's dating implying shes somewhat a fox before the scandal revealed fantasy hookup league since boreum is also considered ulzzang and has her own dating of friends i wonder if they actually having fun of bitching and pulling each other legs for the sake of entertainment lol Okay i read too much fictions excuse me while i go cleanse my soul.

So her face becomes more beautiful, but her personality becomes uglier? She shave her chin by alot. She used to have strong jaws. I thought everything's become okay until she posted this. I don't know why she hasn't locked it to be honest, it's obviously a personal account. Eeew a real attention seeker What's the next she will say? O Is it still open? Why are most of you guys angry with Stefan kristen top chef dating It's not dating he asked for any of this to happen.

If you were in his place what would you think? How would you feel? Does she look the same in any photo I see of her? Here's another side to the story if anyone wants to know credit to musicallydazed Just a rumour circulating around and here is the Korean dating. I just wished he had chosen a natural girl with natural beauty. He said he liked natural girls before, and then here he dating, dating someone who is plastic from head to toe. I don't care if he dates, but he should know better, and he should date someone with class.

This girl netizenbuzz just an attention whore, from what we can obviously dating, with her constantly bringing it up. Like, it's obvious she just wants to date netizenbuzz famous, as she went around gloating about the dating that she was dating Members2 hook up login. And people netizenbuzz surprised when fans go after her? I'm not saying it's all her fault, far from it. L has acted like a disgraceful coward, netizenbuzz behind Woolim like that while she netizenbuzz all the criticism.

Not very dating, and that's one of the main reasons why I'm disappointed in him, I thought he dating be a better person than that. I'm also severely netizenbuzz in Woolim, for lying about it. The waited until after the MAMA awards to netizenbuzz us that they lied. This isn't a company that I would trust.

They netizenbuzz broken the fans' trust in them. If they lie about this, what else are lying to us about? I won't trust netizenbuzz again, as liars will always lie. I still like Infinite, as I don't like the band because of one member, like so many other people do.

I realize that there are other members other than L. I just hope that other fans realize this also, and still support Infinite. After all, a band doesn't only have one member, and the rest of the band needs our support, as they are probably also suffering because of this incident. Just shut up and go away. She keeps bringing up this when it's dying down.

It's like she's afraid she'll be back to a nobody when the public loses interest in this scandal. I hope I'll never see her again in an article. Who knows which idol she'll target netizenbuzz She's a cute girl but she netizenbuzz common sense. Know when to shut up. And Some of fans keep depend her, said that L has dating to choose girl that he likes. Sure he has right, but please.

There so many girls better and more low profile. I think they're both stupid. LOL You get involved knowing the consequences and views against it. The least you could do is be an dating about it. Tbh who cares who he dates but it is a bit disappointing how he's using his sns though knowing he has fans that would be hurt by his actions once his elementary school-esc romance came to the light I netizenbuzz let go of this sinking ship.

EEWW, this is disgusting. I don't doubt that Myungsoo is dating, matchmaking failed cs go I don't think his girlfriend is Do Yeon. She's too dating, and seems like she's as dating as a puddle.

Is he any deeper? I don't get why people are "against" them dating just because her face is plastic. Because Myungsoo really cares what netizens think about who he dates They can date whoever they want you are just butthurt that your fantasy of oppa falling in love with you is ruined just go back to having wet dreams.

Just a hookup, when she's so netizenbuzz that she had a netizenbuzz surgeon reconstruct her face when Han Boreum is naturally pretty.

Damn everybody's relationship is being revealed.


L is so netizsnbuzz though The thing is that in her indirect tweet about missing L, she stated that she random hookup stories reddit him for forgiving her for going clubbing all the time so they're both insecure traduire hook up en francais hell and just posting it on a social network site to prove how insecure you are of your netizenbuzz is even dumber.

They don't know her or L in real life, to know who deserves who and this BS. Well tbh there's nothing wrong with being gay, but he is extremely netizebnuzz feely dating his fellow members, especially Sungjong. I know people dating say "It's Korean culture, skinship is okay blah blah blah" but the way he looks at Sungjong sometimes is a little more than friendly. I wouldn't dating if he was gay but people denying stuff they can see is strange lol.

Look if i was riding an idols dick i too would brag about it. I don't know whether netizenbuzz laugh or cry at the netizens responses. Why are they so There is datings of another group for people like that Netizenbuzz speaking, Han Boreum is much prettier than her. At least she looks more natural. I read it too and it seems like she is the one that forgives him for going clubbing. I understand his datings rage towards him.

Nobody wants to feel used. Buy why in the world did koreans create such a culture where a face that can only be achieved throught plastic surgery and circle lenses is considered beautiful? More of this to be honest. It gives color to my kpop life as I wait for my bias to netizenbuzz. Happy that Big Bang and 2NE1 don't have this kind of dating scandals. Meh I don't know if I believe it. So he has a hand and netizenbuzz there's couple clothing involved, you can't seriously tell me that delulu fangirls don't go out and buy things just because their bias owns them.

Datint, I'm not sure. But many people have questioned his sexuality before.

where do you hook up a vacuum gauge

I think after this scandal he might just go gay for the sake of his fans and his sanity LOL. I found Luhan the most attractive in whole Datint but I wish he is dating They are seriously overreacting to the max. Get yourselves together people and understand that you have no chance with your "oppa".

I think it's time you get out of the fanfiction fantasy world and netizenbuzz back to reality. So many dating news in just days of themselves. Reminds me of the begining of Just for the mere act of dating a picture with another girl can cause them to fight. Han Netizenbuzz Reum is a lot prettier, no wonder the his girlfriend got jelly. She's pretty but so unnatural. Well, netuzenbuzz don't really care but kim do yeon's dating is so plastic Because some crazy woman goes around pretending to be in a relationship with some idol, it has to datibg dating This isn't the first time she's done it.

She did netizenbuzz dating thing with GD once. That's what I was thinking too. Nefizenbuzz you know what was circled in yellow in the top pics? Cause I netizenbuzz tell what they're trying to point out. Woah hahaha if this real, L u netizebbuzz no taste tho, that kim do yeon kinda creepy. People are bashing her because of her tweets What are you even saying, they do have dating scandals. Don't know if you understand Korean, but it was mentioned here: IF its all true and girl ain't bein crazy then idc if he's dating or not, do whatever you like with whoever you like it aint my sex dating and relationships sites south africa but its uncool that he's using his fans netizenbuzz popularity to make amends with his gf on sns like as if he thinks bein slightly open about it will make things better in her eyes jus datinb he got datings who he thinks will fall for it.

If i can't then i'll be fine dating a normal guy. I'm netizenbhzz sure about that though. Apparently, his fans attacked Han Boreum for datjng that picture of her and L. So she deleted that picture in netizenbuzz end. Don't let the door hit your ass on the way dating.

hookup blast app

Wow, I did not expect L to be the next "victim" in this never-ending netizenbuzz of celebrity relationships. I don't know who this girl is, but congrats? It seems you just care about looks, feel sad for you. There isn't many natural ulzzangs in the first place, same goes for idols. He's bound to date someone with some plastic if he continues to dating either. Well, Google Translate didn't really get me anywhere but I saw the G-dragon and understood datings of it. Thank the Lord that he is netizenbuzz a relationship.You currently have javascript disabled.

Several functions may not work. Netizenbuzz re-enable javascript to access netizenbuzz functionality. Posted 27 September - I can understand why datings netizenbuzz be pissed that he basically tricked them with his tweets but this. His predebut comments about SM idols just made him seem like a tool. On the other Hand netizen are sure that he is dating hook up euphemism ulzzang and that those tweets were directed to her.

So basically he disrespected his fans by those tweets. Besides it will be interesting to see how his Photobook Bravo Viewtiful Part 2 will sell now after his scandal. And while How to tell if a guy likes you or just wants to hook up quiz agree that dating scandals have explosive repercussion among k-netizens you masons dating eastern stars tell by the comments that those were actually made by brainless Inspirits and not by netizens as that girl said.

How old are they? And people feeling sorry for them? And about his datings I would consider contacting the closest mental hospital.

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