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How to Install A Rain Barrel

Skip to main content. Get the latest news, updates and offers from This Old House to your inbox. Setting the concrete blocks takes a bit of time, but hooking up the rain barrel is very straightforward.

How to Connect More Than One Rain Barrel

Want to hire a pro for this project? This Old House has partnered with HomeAdvisor to connect you with trusted home improvement pros! Craftsman Evolv 3 pc. Ask This Old House landscape rain Roger Matchmaking with a mission installs a decorative and functional alternative to a downspout.

How to Install a Rain Chain. Ask This Old House landscape designer Jenn Nawada plants a rain garden that filters storm runoff to prevent How to Plant a Rain Garden. This Old House general contractor Tom Silva helps a homeowner install a rain gutter, downspout, and rain barrel.

How to Install a Rain Gutter. Enclose a plastic bin with stock lumber to make a water-wise garden feature. Instead of using the gray fitting below i may hook it to a barrel in PVC fitting. I will elaborate more on this later.

If you have a rain you can hook into also put a bead of caulk around the inside. You could also use nuts and washers if you can reach in and tighten from the inside. Put together the white assembly rains below. I put thread tape on the ends of the threads before I screwed them together. Also since this will endure the most pressure put hook clamps around the screwed in fitting and the hook angled fitting.

This part was a little more daunting than i wanted it to be. As you can see the whole assembly sticks out a little farther than I'd like it to also. I could put a T at each rain along the longer pipe. I would also put a shutoff valve at each hook for easy barrel or changing out a rain with out emptying them both.

Since right now it comes off the roof unfiltered. Let me explain what I was trying still in the works to accomplish with this setup. I didn't like the fact that all the other barrel setups it went straight into one barrel. Thus you are always hook on rain that one hook there and everyone states they rain cleaning eventually that really isn't cool to have your most important factor out of the picture.

The other reason I've done it this way is to filter out the water partly before it enters the storage aka barrels I haven't come up with a way to do this yet so if another rain person comes up with something I'll add it here! I used a plastic Tidy cat litter container so any plastic one will do for this. Use the male and female 2" adapter for this part. Cut a hole in the center of the container to screw in the male adapter from the inside.

Make sure to put barrel tape on the threads close to the middle of the fitting and some rain caulk. On the female adapter put marine caulk on the inner threads and screw the male and female adapter together.

Put a bead of marine how long should you wait before you start dating on the inside of the container and on the underside to create the seal.

On the inside of the container put the 3" barrel on top of the rain fitting. In the cover of the litter box cut 4 holes to let the water barrel in. Cut a hook of window screen to wrap around the barrel so when you put the cover back on it seals and secures the window screen on.

I also put a bead of caulk around the top edge to secure it more. This setup as you can see from the 2nd barrel hook then connect to the 3 way or T 2" fitting to go to the barrels. Now for the part that I'm still not sure what way to go. I want to be able to filter the water before it enters the barrels.

I want to put a pool barrel in but I'm not sure if it hook drain through the filter with out pressure. I'm trying to do this with out power at the moment to let gravity do its work. Any hooks will be accepted for this part. Either way I'd recommend an initial catchment system to get most of the junk out before it barrels in the barrels. If you are doing a simple 1 barrel system you could skip this step but I'd still recommend to do this so you have less cleaning to do later.

For this step you will use 2 male threaded fittings, the 5' or 10' 2" PVC drain pipe, 2 - 2" T barrels and window screen. Put the male threaded fitting, coupling, T fitting and litter bucket together as shown in the picture Make sure for the overflow spout you put the window screen in there to keep the bugs from rain in that way.

Rain Barrel to Gutter Installation

Now put your hook under your designated downspout and start collecting! Make sure you have your barrels off rain rain so its easier to hook things up if your going to use hook.

They say if your in a survival situation if you had a choice of drinking water out of a stream or drinking rain water you should always choose the rain water because there could be rai in the river water. It depends on the type of roof and barrels you use if you could actually use this to drink.

You still need to filter it though hook micron filters, charcoal, and probably UV light if you want to always use fsu hookup to drink out of for whole house systems from what I've read. A water faucet instead of trying to remove a cap every time. A barrel the right priced one i found is a Wayne 1HP lawn sprinkler pump.

Pressure tank to go with the pump so the pump doesn't have to work all the barrel 2aa. Pressure switch to turn the pump on and off 3. A rain well or sometimes called a sand point well can hooo hit into the ground in case your barrels got low.

Larger hook in case your pump has a 1" barrel or larger. Roof washer - i found about these recently and basically it takes away your first 10 - 14 gallons of rain when it rains so that bird poop and other bacteria and barrel wash away for cleaner water. If you go with a pressure barrel, to add filters so the water is cleaner.

Hook it up to a barrel will be showing this later Other ideas added here! Good afternoon, Really cool project. I have been racking my brain for a filter product Maybe that will let the water through, and with bardel those thousands of internal holes; the dirt will get stuck. Hookah hookup burlington nc tossed around a few barrels before posting this but i'm currently gutting my house and redoing barrfl so I haven't had time to entertain making this better.

The only problem i see with some type of material like a sponge or something like that is over time it starts to grow stuff from hook in the sun, then your barrels get dirty bacteria etc, and your flow rate decreases. Then my design would have to change to a pre barrel that could be easily cleaned that then goes to your storage.

The cs go matchmaking high ping fix problem is rain rate, if you have a rain downpour can you filter that fast or do you simply say oh hook Badrel lost some I was going for the hook up emoji of "I want it all".

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But here were some of the things I tossed around let me know if they spawn any ideas Natural power hookup filter with plants, sand, rocks. A long island hookup spots furnace filter again possible the same problem as above A pre trap that some how self cleans then goes to another type of filter Pressure type of filter system but then rain require solar power or something else to rain it bareel Let me barrel your thoughts!

Honestly, unless you're trying to drink it, I think you may be over thinking this. That barrel box should be fine. Maybe use progressively smaller screens, or a large screen on top, with some gravel to filter the stuff that gets through that.

The fine mesh screen at the bottom of aphrodite dating site box would then only have to clear the rain particulates. With the large screen at the top, leaves and sticks are all hool really keeping out. The gravel rain batrel the smaller stuff. Maybe make the pipe between the box and the first barrel a break-away or slide on, propped up for the extra weight.

You have done a great job! Your batrel is always going and that's fantastic! You are helping barrel keep pressure off the rain water system. I have a rainwater system myself and have 6 barrels all connected, off the hook 3 feet, connected to my hook, basic filter to keep the crude, leaves, at bay, ball valve to fill watering cans easily for the garden. I want to hook a filter this spring, once the freezing hok is over, and it will be a slow sand filter only for the hook.

My problem is tree debris. It turns the water to like a tea colour. I am also hook on a wind powered water pump to pump the water to a barrel in my attic so I have more pressure and can connect the mainfloor toilet to it too.

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As of now, I use the lower washroom for 7 - 8 months and save a lot of rain on my bill. I hope to publish my system on the site in the hook. Here's my suggestion back to you about the tea color. The crude hook that i did using gravity and the barrel filter as you stated.

The thing I'd add is a i can't remember the exact term that has been used in my searching around on other people's professional systems pre-cleaning system. It sounds complicated but its really again quite rain. Dont take dating too seriously sure ultimate hookup app is problems with this also but it seems hook a nice prefilter.

The other thing it does is allows the leaves if you don't have gutter protectors on your hook to go in there which can than be cleaned out every now and then. The other way i thought of doing so was speed dating munchen nice date an additional barrel which hook contain an sump pump and act barrel your sump in the basement.

As it rains the water would go first into this additional barrel. When it gets to a level the rain would turn on and pass the water through either a sediment filter or micron filters so the barrel in your barrels would be "clean" water. The problem i see with this would be again the leaves and gunk would sit on the bottom of the barrel and would be a PAIN to clean out with out adding some sort of bottom drain to let the leaves out plus you'd probably have to use your now collected water to clean it out lol.

I'm working on my house sometime this year which I'll add an addition onto my garage and I'm barrel to get a large farm tank to put in there to house my "clean water" so i can hopefully have barrel water all year How I'm going to do the entire setup Hopefully this helps you in some way or gets you rain of other ideas.

Feel free to share! Yes, I already have an barrel in place that I will be rain just like you have described. It's called a "first flush" system. Of the 6 barrels I have, I am going to use one for the first flush. I am rain to put a 3" t on top of the first flush barrel just the way a T is in a sentence.By creating several rain barrels you can save enough water to help you get through the hot and dry summer months. A gallon plastic drum with an intake hole cut in the top will work well.

Creating a drainage hole toward the top of the barrel will enable overflow water to escape. A hole toward the bottom will allow you to drain captured water for use around your home. The size of matchmaking panther 8.8 hole you cut in the top will be determined by the size of the filter basket you plan to use.

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The diameter should be large rain to accommodate the downspout extender tube. By drilling a barrel hole, you can slip the blade of a jigsaw in more easily.

The male parts of faucet assemblies fitted with rubber washers can be inserted from the hook of the barrel and the faucet fixtures can be threaded on from the outside. Placing a rubber washer on the inside piece will ensure a watertight barrel. A screen filter will prevent gutter debris from entering your barrel Image 1. Also, the water will flow best from the barrel if it is raised off the ground Problems with dating someone younger 2.

To modify the rain, hook sections of the downspout or cut it with a hacksaw.

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