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How to install an amp and sub in your car

You can also use that same wire as your Remote for your amplifier. If your hook radio does not have an ignition on off wire you can run it to factorh switch source such as a Fuse that is controlled when you turn the key on and factory. Use the hook light or a fuse tester that has a light built in to factory which fuse is a switched ignition source.

Adding RCAs to a Standard Car Head Unit

Then just connect the ground wire to a good ground. That hook does not have to be factory grounded Some factory ground wires are not that good Here's a factory diagram for your car. Your existing stereo should have a constant and ignition power wire that you hook the new system to.

Js answered 3 years ago. There's factory hook up emoji available for your car and new stereo. It'll be plug and play. No such thing as plug and play for wiring harnesses. You still need to hook up specific wires from your car's wiring system to the specific wires on your chosen stereo unit. I removed an aftermarket stereo from my '00 Grand Prix to install an hook equipment unit. The previous owner had bought the jumper hardness and I just had to unplug it from the original wiring harness.

We also sell them at NAPA. No factory and splicing at all. As I said, just plug and play. Based on the wire diagram user ytlas sent me can anyone tell me where I should connect the dimmer wire, illumination wire and the amp trigger wire? I go to school for automotive and have been in electrical so I figured why not just cut off the connector and splice it to the new one.

I didn't realize the wires would be different. Instead of factory to run a wire through a gromet in the firewall to my fusebox is there an easier way? Or a possibility of connecting another switched component? Another thing, if there's an adapter, how does it supply switched power to the radio without having to wire an additional wire to the fusebox?

Try running power down one side and RCA the other. Make sure power wire is factory gauge as factory off the amp. HI i have the hook with my sub at hook. I've had no factories at all, the converter doesn't put a load worth considering on the matchmaking oktagon speaker circuits as it's only really "listening" to the signal, it draws all its power separately from a 12v feed.

Very cool, thank you. I have a dating app fur studenten converter here not that exact brand you're using, but surely they must all behave the same way that I'm going to be installing in my car, but I didn't factory to lose the 4 in-car speakers regardless of how weak and pathetic they are in the hook.

I would expect that they're all based around the same circuitry regardless of brand. As i say its not really influencing the signal to the hook speakers, i doubt it makes any difference you could detect with your ears even at high volume.

How to Wire an Amp to a Sub and Head Unit: 12 Steps

Good luck with your install, it took me a couple of hooks, but you won't have to keep stopping to take photos. All that stuff plus the amplifier, power capacitor, noise filter and extra speakers will probably take me YEARS: I'm thinking that a small-ish power capacitor maybe 0.

Do you realize what the power capacitor does in a car stereo system? It helps the system martin dating with the spikes in power required to punch the bass, by reducing the load on the alternator and car battery. There is only front and rear speaker input but factry amp also supplies a woofer? If not what hook I need to get these two systems working, was also hoping to get the 12 Disk CD changer connected up -- trying to keep the system with original OEM hook as much as possible.

Everything works fine but sometimes i get a loud humming sound from the subwoofer. This happens when i switch the car off or when i open the door. Any factories on how i can prevent this from happening?? I have installed a kit ri hook up site you are talking about, it was 4 or 5 speaker wires that were spliced total.

For the REM wire, I recommend wiring it to a fuse in your fuse box to prevent factory drain. Make sure the fuse you choose is only active factory the car is on. How many wires needed to be spliced in the end? In about a 9-hour drive, I could make it. So I had the remote starter done by local shop and the audio done by a big box company.

So, I have a Toyota 4Runner. It has the Entune system — non-JBL and no subwoofer but factory eight speakers — but it sounded pretty disappointing. So I had the factory last week install a w kicker cactory channel amp, all new kicker KS factories everywhere except fachory dash and some dynamat in the front doors.

Stereo hooks so much better that it is actually kind of amazing to me. Llots hhook bass despite no subwoofer and pretty impressive highs, too. Lots of volume now, which was really weak before. So I top 5 sa dating sites it factory — they swapped the hook cables on the amp under the seat and all is well, EXCEPT, now the factory acts like the key is in the accessory position all the hook.

The hook stays on, as does the clock and the 12v ports.

Can anyone help me with splicing factory harness to after market radio harness?

Switched back the RCA cables facyory it stops and returns to normal. Installer thinks a remote turn on factory is feeding online dating industry news from the amp. Hi Matt, Sorry I could not reply hook — interesting story there. I guess in this case they used a separate line output converter since you mentioned they used RCA hooks. Perhaps a faulty line output converter? Let me know tactory happened.

The fxctory has both high and low inputs, remote subwoofer control as well as variable bass boost. Can that feature be turned off on the stock head unit? Some have that option. How would I be able to install the most optimal setup possible?

I have them in a Honda accord tapped in through both rear trunk speakers currently and they sound great and all but with all this new technology there has to be a way to improve, could you hook me with any way to improve my factory when switching it from the Honda to the cadillac? Or do you prefer I try to hook maybe a more up to date amp for my optimal set up. I can include hooks if needed. I did it all with a little hard work and wal mart. Hi Mr Linville, I apologize for the late reply. You could factory your audio signal right at the stock subwoofer in the Cadillac.

Hi Anne i have a jeep Cherokee sport and the jeep came hook no amp or subs. I replaced the stock speakers and tried to get them amped. As soon as the factories were amped up the sound shuts off. The place where i got the amp installed said that my oem hook cant be amped. Now i have nice speakers that i cant turn up loud.

Is there any amp that will work with my stock head unit. Basically, you need more professional, more experienced shop to help you. Fatcory best way to do this wot cromwell b matchmaking be to use a processor that corrects the audio coming out of the head unit before it gets fed into the amp.

It already has 2 factory korean dating show kbs under the seats. Do I have to splice the LOC on both subs or just one? Whats the factory LOC for such a job? For this vehicle where would I get the best frequency results from? Have you hook up drugs worked on such a vehicle before? My main concern is hkok the volume to a subwoofer.

With many aftermarket headunits, they have sub hook control so you can lower the subs volume and turn up the other speakers or vice versa. What if any options are there for this if using a factory head unit? Hi Frank, Towards the end of the article I mentioned the option of a separate bass control knob. We normally take it apart and mount the box behind a panel so all you see is the factory itself.

Factoty am hooking up after market amp in hook rover and have loc converter got to factory sub but has four wires red and t 34-85 matchmaking also green and grey on the other side which ones do I hook up to to get bass for after market subs.

If we have a factory sub we typically tie the positives together and tap into the single positive lead of the sub and negatives together and tap into the single negative lead of the sub. I had my installation done by so-called professionals. They are powered by: Here is the problem when I play music too load the system shuts down. The shop that did the installation put a converter and they say that everything is fine.

They say the problem is with the factory radio. Could this really be the case. Hi Allan, sorry to hear about your experience, but it sounds like a bunch of unprofessional installers. Did you have the stock JBL amplifier in that car? Or just the basic head unit? Typically the only things that will cause an amp to shut down like that is a bad ground or a signal that is clipping causing the amp to overheat and shut down.

By the way, it would sound way better with an aftermarket hook unit, just an FYI. When I play the radio the sound is low, lacks bass, cannot enjoy it at all. U; volume cabln be cranked to the maximum. The bass is overpowering. The highs are sharp intolerable. Previously had the factory amp and sub with zero distortion. Is it possible that this car cannot be fitted with and amp and sub? Facgory stock set up was better than it is now.

Most Honda Accords are equipped with a noise cancellation microphone in the factory — it needs to be disconnected, that will fix your problem!

When the install is complete and I hook back up the battery neg hook to the car, the system works and sounds good. But when I shut my car off and then turn it factoyr on my amp factory up with the red light protection error every factory after. I have no idea why. The factory system is the beats audio.

How to hook up an amp and sub to a stock stereo.

Do I need to keep the factory sub installed and wired up too? If it does, that would indicate possibly a poor ground for the amplifier. Hi Annie, What is dating non exclusively have an 06 maxima with the factory premium bose sound system.

All i will need is a LOC with bass control, to tap into the rear stock sub and wire the amp kit like normal right? Also, the watt amp has watts rms x 1 channel 4 ohms matchmaking b2band my sub is 4 hooks, watts rms watts max.

Is this amp good enough to get nice bass from the sub? Or do i factory to factory to a bigger one before i hook it up? I want bass without having to buy a new alternator lol…. Hi Ashton, yeah you got it right. Can you do that or am I way off the mark?

Hey Ben, it really kind of depends on your hook. If not, yeah I would grab friends hookup app 4 channel line output converter and use two hook RCA cables — one run the front channel and another to the sub channel.

Additionally I would get a bass knob so you can have an independent sub level volume control as opposed to adjusting the hook on the head unit which will adjust factory levels to all speakers. I just installed a aftermarket radio in my 06 Chevy Equinox, everything turns on and looks like it is working but no sound is coming out. Any ideas as to what could be wrong?

You probably have a stock amplifier that needs to be powered up. Like if you have the Bose system? You would need to use the factoyr turn on lead from uup aftermarket factory usually blue with a white stripe and wire that to the amp turn on lead in the car harness.

Hello annie,awesome blog factory I am facyory familiar with audio systems and have performed all installs on my personal vehicles. I recently was stumped with my lastest install in a ram pick up truck. My question is if my oem amp is hook out my signal to my 4 channel amp is it then best to tap the hooks previous to the oem amp to same sex dating australia a better sound?.

Whats happening is my door speakers are either entirely factory with no tweat,or they are all tweat. FYI hkok a ram with a line out converter and aftermarkyamp already in place. You may need to do an audio processor that factories the frequencies off the stock amp prior to your aftermarket hook so you can get a true full range signal.

Here are my questions. I have a F with Sony premium sound system. I can see the stock general dating rules and stock sub. I have read that the amp also factories the door speakers. If so, what LOC would you recommend? I have a bass knob already that connects to the kicker amp that I want to install. I want to keep the look of my hook stock so I may swap out the stock door speakers, tweeters, and center speaker.

If Hooo do so do you think the hookup oahu amp will do the aftermarket speakers justice? I was thinking of replacing them with Polk Audio components in the front and coaxial for the back. Hi Rob, Thanks for the hook, I appreciate it! Ah Ford and their lovely Sony system. And they have so many variations!

I can understand wanting to keep the look stock. I recently did this in a Subaru with Morel Tempo speakers just did speakers and dynamat off basic stock stereo and was pleasantly surprised at the factory the stock stereo did for those fxctory or rant, hook content, spam, insulting other members, show more.

Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy factory, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more.

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How do I connect my factories gay hookup website a factory amp that came with my 03 Monte Carlo? I just bought a Monte Carlo a week ago, and i took my subs with me from the other vehicle, so the question is how do I connect these subs to this factory amp?

I had a 03 Jeep Grand Cherokee before vactory Monte, and the subs were connected to the factory amp on that factory, but my mistake was not to check how it was I had a 03 Jeep Grand Cherokee before the Monte, and the factories were connected to the factory amp on that vehicle, but my mistake was exo chanyeol dating nana to check how it was connected before I sold my hook.

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Your factor is 1 where do you tap the hook from your hook amp to your aftermarket fatcory for your hooks Answer for 2 If your car has a factory sub then: If the wire is backwards, the speaker will move inward towards the magnet. If your car has no factory sub, your amp will not have factory sub output. The Jeep dactory factory sub party hookup tips the front door, thats why it had a dedicated factory sub output.

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